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7-10 Dec 2017

4 Days 3 Nights with Full Board Accommodation

Langkawi, Malaysia

The Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa

The Instructors

Sh Sajid Umar, Sh Bilal Ismail & Sh Daood Butt

A serene learning experience.

Join us on this 4-day retreat where we will gather with AlKauthar instructors and spend our week in seclusion and away from the distraction of the dunya to take part in one of the most beloved deed by Allah — seeking knowledge. We aim to instill the love of knowledge in your heart and equip you with the tools that you can use to further increase your knowledge even long after the retreat is over.

The Instructors.

Stay at a 5-star beach resort.

You will be staying at The Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa, situated on a private beachfront overlooking the sparkling Andaman Sea. The resort offers a seamless blend of tropical nature with contemporary comfort, making it the ideal beach resort for an exotic escape. A full breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be served for the duration of the retreat.

The Schedule.

Day 1: Opening Session

After you have checked-in to the resort, there will be some time for you to settle in before Asr prayer. Afterwards, a welcome ceremony will be in session where we will break ice and distribute all the materials you require for the retreat.

The rest of the day and evening will continue with introductory sessions from each of the instructor where they will provide an outline of what will you learn over the next 3 days.

Though not mentioned henceforth, it goes without saying that all prayers will be done in congregation at their appointed times.

Day 2: Ilm Session Starts

The secret to being a successful student of knowledge is to observe qiyaam al-layl. A wake-up call will begin as early as 5am and we will pray Tahajjud and Fajr together followed by an early morning reminder.

Then, you will proceed for breakfast and will have some free time to enjoy the hotel facilities before we begin a full day of Ilm sessions. Each Ilm session will last an hour and broken up with physical activities and breaks in between.

You will have another free time right before Maghrib before we continue with dinner and prayer. The day will end with a Tafsir session.

Day 3: Mangrove Boat Trip

The day will begin as per the day before with Tahajjud, Fajr, early morning reminder, and breakfast. Then, you will continue with the Ilm sessions and pick-up where you left-off on Day 2.

Lunch will be slightly early today as you will be taking a half-day tour on the Mangrove Boat Trip. Apart from enjoying yourself, this boat trip also aims to increase your taqwa by observing the nature.

You will be back just in time for Maghrib. After dinner and prayer, we will end the day with a Tafsir session.

Day 4: Closing Session

By now we hope that you are used to the morning routine and may Allah give you the strength to continue what you have practiced and make it a habit throughout your life.

During the remaining Ilm sessions, the instructors will use the limited time they have to conclude their material before we begin with our closing session.

During the closing session you will be given the opportunity to share your experience and give thanks to the instructors who have spent their time to teach you valuable lessons.

Enjoy the breathtaking view of Langkawi's hidden treasure.

You will get the opportunity to experience the Langkawi mangroves and discover a hidden side of Langkawi that most people never see. You will encounter a variety of birds, butterflies, mangrove monitor lizards, an array of marine life, caves with bats and more.

The Mangrove Boat Trip is organised by our travel partner:

Retreat PriceMYR  AUD  CAD  BND  GBP  SGD  USD

MYR 4,499 per person

Group discounts available (up to MYR 1,000 per person). Submit your information for more details.

If you are from Australia, call 1300 62 34 62 or email [email protected] for the pricing.

Don't forget the children.

Children 12 years and below enjoy discounted price. They will have access to The Westin Family Kids Club® throughout the retreat. The kids club organises outdoor activities geared for kids within the 4 to 12 age range, from nature walks to bird watching and beach discovery. Kids who prefer to stay indoors can also expand their creativity by painting the most unique batik or play board games and read books at the Westin Discovery Room.

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Sheikh Sajid Umar is the Chairman of AlKauthar Institute. He was born in Leicester, UK. Having memorised the Quran at the age of 18 and successfully opening an IT business, he turned his attention towards Islamic studies.

He travelled to Riyadh where he enrolled at Imam Muhammed Ibn Saud Islamic University for his Diploma in Arabic Language & Islamic Sciences. Then, to Al-Imam University, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Shariah, and a master’s degree in Judiciary (Qadha). He is now pursuing his PhD at the institute of Judiciary in Riyadh, specializing in Fiqh.

Sheikh Bilal Ismail was born in Durban, South Africa. He is one of three siblings and comes from a religious traditional hanafi family. He memorised the Quran while still at school.

He was accepted into the Islamic University of Madinah in 2001 where he completed his Diploma in Arabic followed by a BA in Islamic Law from the Faculty of Shariah. He is currently completing his master's degree.

After graduating from Madinah, he returned to South Africa where he had been teaching Fiqh and Tafsir weekly classes in Durban since the summer of 2007.

Sheikh Daood Butt was born and raised in Montreal, Canada. He studied at the Islamic University of Madinah for seven years, during which he completed a Diploma in Arabic Language followed by a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theology and Islamic Da'wah from the Faculty of Da'wah and Usool Ad-Deen in 2010.

Upon returning to Montreal he was involved in various Da'wah activities, especially in youth-related programs and is quick to develop a rapport with them. With an eagerness to continue learning Islam, he completed a Master of Arts Degree with Excellence in Islamic and Other Civilizations at the International Islamic University in Malaysia.

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